HyEnergy TransStore


HyEnergy TransStore BV is a sister company of the consultancy business. It has been created to participate in mainland Europe’s drive towards hydrogen.

The concept for HyEnergy TransStore (HTS) is that it will be a more actively involved participant i.e. where opportunities exist for defined asset investments then they will be assessed via TransStore. That is not to say we will not continue to support with our knowledge and consultancy expertise – these are a given.

HTS has been founded in the northern Netherlands because of the strong focus the region has shown to wanting to be at the forefront of the hydrogen economy. We believe that all the drivers are aligned in the region for hydrogen to be successful. 

There is:

  • a political will and need to change energy supplies from natural gas
  • a vast amount of offshore wind energy available which could challenge grid stability
  • a strong chemical cluster with available chemically produced hydrogen
  • a strong mix of big and small companies all interested in hydrogen
  • a workforce available with the right skill sets
  • a plan to deliver a sustainable, hydrogen-based economy

HTS wants to play its part in the delivery of this plan. Initially this will centre on the making available of sustainably produced hydrogen where it is needed at applications across the region. We expect this to migrate to activities in other areas where we have the skills and knowledge to add value.

We are currently finalising the funding of our first supply project. This will be in partnership with Nouryon in Delfzijl where we will make available sustainably produced hydrogen for transport and other applications. The location acts as a gateway to many of the industrial and hydrogen centric parts of Europe.


HyEnergy Consultancy Limited.