AREVA H2Gen is an original French equipment manufacturer that produces hydrogen generators by
water using PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis technology.
They have a wide size range of systems, up to multiple MW size, coupled with a complete
engineering and integration package to fit the system to your application. Areva H2Gen have also
designed flexible, load/demand following systems for hydrogen refuelling stations and renewable
energy storage – delivering enhanced efficiency and flexibility whilst minimising capital cost.
HyEnergy are Areva H2Gen’s commercial and project management partner for the UK and Ireland.
New Energy Coalition (NEC) drives innovation and education by bringing together knowledge, policy
and entrepreneurship that is based in the north of the Netherlands. NEC have been instrumental in
developing a hydrogen narrative in the Netherlands which has grown to become a national theme.
NEC participate in funded projects providing leadership, coordination and local knowledge to enable
technology demonstration and deployment.
HyEnergy and NEC have worked together on two funded projects – TSO 2020 and HEAVENN – both
written by HyEnergy and awarded funding by the EU. This collaboration has been instrumental in
HyEnergy establishing an office in the region and establishing its Dutch entity, HyEnergy TransStore

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